The Copywriters Playbook For 2022

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  • Craft offers so dang irresistible… Your readers will feel stupid NOT to buy.
  • Advertise anywhere, on any platform, anytime… profitably.
  • Take absolute control of your lead generation and customer acquisition and be at the mercy of no one … ever again.
  • Make more sales. You will also become loved, adored, and admired… and you may find yourself with so many new “fans” that your friends and fam might start to wonder what you're really doing on that computer.

Here's Everything You'll Get For Just $1

Part 1: “Getting Perfect Clarity On Your Offer” – Most people are really unclear in terms of what they have “for sale”. They think “I’m selling a course or software.” They rarely think of it in terms of emotional benefits, speed, convenience, and opportunity (aka: the real reason people buy anything). McDonald's is knowingly absolutely disgusting for your health, but people don't care. And McD's knows it. They also know what they sell… and it's not burgers and fries. It's instant gratification, speed, ease and convenience. I'll help you find it in your offer so you can stop selling the wrong thing… and start making a ton more sales.

Part 2: “4 Steps To Create Buyer Frenzy” – What you'll learn here is the secrets every multi-million dollar ad campaign uses to make people feel like they can't live without your product. You'll now be able to harness this power, too.

Part 3: “Amateur Pitfalls To Avoid” – Narcissism in your copy, copycatting, worrying, and paralysis by analysis… I'll help you avoid it all because you're most likely committing at least one of these copywriting sins and it's hurting (if not killing) your sales.

Part 4: “Bringing YOU Into Copy” – Rather than ramming people through your sales process (or “funnel) like a bad used car salesman, you'll learn how to build authentic relationships with your leads by providing real value and then sell them based on their actual needs and desires. And in order to do that, you need to come to the realization that your story and journey is beneficial to yourself and others. I'll help you see the light and show you how to use it.

Part 5: “The Tried & True PMES Formula” – The oldest, most tried and true formula for writing great ads, emails, and even instant messages: PMES (problem, massage, empathy, solution). Your new best friend.

Part 6: “Turn Your Feelz Into Winning Copy” – Instead of letting my emotions dominate me, I've learned how to channel them into writing copy that wins over the hearts and minds of my readers. I'll show you how to do the same.

Part 7: “The 5 Secret Value Triggers” – There are deeper reasons people purchase things than their desire for more money. These five things are more powerful drivers and consistently lead to higher conversions than pitching people on ‘making’ or ‘saving’ money. I'll reveal what they are and show you how to use them.

Part 8: “Sowing ‘Copy Seeds’ To Harvest More Sales” – Business is a constant process of sowing seeds of value and reaping harvests of revenue. These 13 “seeds” can be continually planted with your email list, Facebook pages and groups, Instagram accounts, and elsewhere to increase engagement, have more fun, and build a deeper bond with your prospective clients or current customers to make more sales…and repeat sales.

Plus These Free Bonuses…

Bonus 1: Dave's Private Copywriting Cliffsnotes – There's a lot of copywriting books out there. Hell, maybe I'll write one some day on the future. But for now, there's one in particular that I think you will get the most value from and I'll also give you my personal cliffsnotes from the book.

Bonus 2: 250 Headline Email Swipe File – From this day forward you'll never sit down to send an email without a high-converting and super-engaging email headline that is sure to get tons of opens!

Bonus 3: “The 20 Minute Client Formula” – Imagine being able to write copy for clients and charge $2,000 for a sales letter, $500 for an email, or $250 for a simple ad. By the way–these are entry-level copywriter fees. In this bonus training, we'll to show you exactly how to write a powerful and compelling sales letter, email or ad for any client in under 20 minutes. I'll show you the questions to ask the client to extract the best product story. I'll show you an example of me using the Formula and then writing a sales letter. I'll show you the actual letter I wrote for the client. All yours to swipe, model, deploy, and profit with.

Bonus 4: “Quick Copy Hot-Seat Critiques” – Watch as my team and I critique clients copy and help them find better angles, simplify and clarify their message, and position themselves to make more sales. Lot's of what you witness in these closed-door meetings will give you instant answers to many questions you have about your copy.

Bonus 5: Sales Letter, Email, Ad, and Webinar Templates From My $250 Million Dollar Course and Coaching Business – You'll get sales letter templates, email templates, ad templates, and webinar templates. I'm going to give you templates for any kind of copy you want to write. I'll also share my thought process behind how I came up with the angle and idea. You just plug your product and story in and wa-la! Profitable copy ready to use will come out the other end.


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